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Foodporndaily.com has kept me ooing and awing since i discovered it.
Here are some of my favorites: 

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Photo courtesy of Babble

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a day in santa monica

On a warm day in January (don't forget, it's Los Angeles), I endured the traffic to Santa Monica. Fresh food, the beach, chic hippies, and lots of surf boards and bikes clinging to prii/priuses. 

the beautiful and homemade pastry assortment at LA GRANDE ORANGE cafe

SANTA MONICA SUNDAY FARMERS MARKET (not necessarily the best for foodies, but great for a good time with the family and great for little kids)

no editing occurred; this is actually the color of the fresh chard

romanesco broccoli... tastes like cauliflower with nutty undertone

first of the season... strawberry fields forever

PRIMITIVO is an eclectic restaurant on Abbot Kinney with many great dishes, but one stood out...

black truffle cauliflower soup: a creamy, yet incredibly light and frothy soup with a cauliflower base and an infusion of black truffle oil... yum

¡the grande finale!